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Certificate of Ministry

The Certificate of Ministry (C.Min.) is granted for demonstration of rudimentary competencies associated with being a minister of the gospel (pastor, church planter, missionary) and other ministry leaders.

A Portfolio System is used to support development and provide evidence of competencies related to the program. The following is a list of competencies that must be demonstrated in a portfolio and validated by Antioch School faculty.

At the heart of each Antioch School program is an emphasis on life and ministry development, not a set of courses. Further, the training modules themselves are not just an accumulation of isolated academic experiences, but development opportunities that are interwoven with the unique needs of individuals and particular ministry situations in a manner that support comprehensive growth.

Competency Sets

1. Life and Ministry Development 2
  CAP 100 SIMA CAP First Response
  PDA 100-1,2,3,4 Personal Development Assessments with Local Mentors
2. Training Modules (Leadership Series I Courses) 12*
  LSM 100 Acts: Keys to the Establishment and Expansion of the First Century Church
  LSM 110 Pauline Epistles: Strategies for Establishing Churches
  LSM 220 Understanding the Essentials of Sound Doctrine
  LSM 230 Leaders and the Early Church
3. Ministry Practicum (Learning by Doing) 2
  MP 101-2 Ministry Practicum
Total   16*

*Masters-level credit uses 500- and 600-level courses each valued at 4 credits each for a program total of 20 credits.

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