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Individual Credit Options

Students may earn academic credit in their own churches in advance of enrolling in degree programs of the Antioch School or other academic institutions. Students may transfer credit into programs in which the are already enrolled. Credit may be earned at the undergraduate or graduate levels.

Individual Credit Pricing Comments
Leadership Series I (Masters-level) $600 for 4 credits
Leadership Series I (Bachelors-level) $450 for 3 credits
MAP Responses $850 for SIMA and
1 credit of MAP Response credit
Limit of 1 credit
Pers. Dev. Plan $150 for 1 credit Limit of 1 credit
Pers. Dev. Assessments $150 for 1 credit Limit of 1 credit
General Education $150/credit
Ministry Strategy Plans $300 for 2 credits Limit of 2 credits
Ministry Practicum $150/credit Limit of 9 credits for non-degree students
Teaching Practicum $150/credit Limit of 9 credits for non-degree students
Other $150/credit As products are available


  • When students have paid $1800, or $7200, they may enroll in certificate/degree programs at that price without additional tuition.
  • Students still must meet Bachelors/Masters program admission requirements.
  • Tuition is $150/credit for enrollments if students are enrolling apart from an Antioch School program being offered in a church with a Certified Leader.

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