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Manuals and Guides

SIMA MAP Response Manual

Explains the concept of the SIMA MAP and MAP Response; its priority in Antioch School Programs; and how students can get started, respond, and earn credit through the process of obtaining and responding to their MAP.

Personal Development Plan Manual

Explains the concept of a Personal Development Plan, how the plan should work, and its relationship to an individual's Antioch School program.
Personal Development Plan Manual (PDF)

Personal Development Assessment Manual

Explains the concept of Personal Development Assessment and how it works; including the use of each of the Personal Development Assessment Forms and how credit is earned through the process of assessment.
Personal Development Assessment Manual (PDF)

Practicum Manual

Explains the educational concept of practicum and how to select and implement ministry and teaching practicum in Antioch School programs.
Practicum Manual (PDF)

Student Competency Assessment Guide

Explains both the context and content of assessment for Antioch School students and provides a framework for assessing all aspects of a student's Antioch School program.
Student Competency Assessment Guide (PDF)

Socratic Process Assessment

Assessment guide for evaluating students' effectiveness in using the socratic method to stimulate discussion and learning in courses they are leading.
Socratic Process Assessment (PDF)

First Term Scenario

A guide to the key activities leaders should be engaging in during the first 13 weeks to get an Antioch School program up and running.
First Term Scenario (PDF)

Degree Program Sample Scenarios

These guides provide several multi-year layouts showing how the requirements of Antioch School degree programs could be scheduled over a 2–4 year period.
Bachelor of Ministry (2 Year)
Bachelor of Ministry (4 Year)
Master of Ministry (2 Year)
Master of Ministry (4 Year)

Basic Program Development Worksheet

A guide that asks the key questions and provides the necessary steps to lay a solid foundation for the launch of an Antioch School degree program.
Basic Program Development Worksheet (PDF)

Memorandum of Understanding

Articulates the nature of the partnership of the Antioch School, BILD International, and partners who wish to offer Antioch School programs.
Memorandum of Understanding (PDF)

Accreditation, Transfer Credit, and Financial Aid Guide

This guide addresses three inter-related topics: accreditation, transfer credit, and financial aid and the fundamental ideas and practical applications related to the Antioch School for each topic.
Accreditation, Transfer Credit, and Financial Aid Guide (PDF)

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