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Initial Training of Certified Leaders

In order to offer an Antioch School program in your church, church network, or ministry organization, at least one key leader must become trained. Initial Training of Certified Leaders provides essential preparation and assessment in the use of our philosophy and resources, paradigmatic perspective on theological education, and preparation for coaching students in the use of portfolios.

Initial Training of Certified Leaders is offered through both onsite and e-Training formats:

  • Onsite Training is an intensive 3-day event held at our headquarters in Ames, Iowa and at other locations as needed, particularly for church networks.   Schedule

  • e-Training is modularized into units offered frequently online so that it may be started as soon as you want and completed at your pace.   Schedule

Both Onsite and e-Training begin with our online Webinar, a live, 4-hour introductory seminar that carefully explores the biblical and practical distinctives of the Antioch School.

Certified Leader Training Modules

Webinar Introduction   (4 hours)

  • Thorough introduction to the Antioch School
  • Prerequisite to Module 1

Module 1   (4 hours)

  • Basic Program Design
  • Life and Ministry Development
  • Portfolio Assessment

Module 2   (12 hours)

  • Educational Philosophy
  • Socratic Discussion Skills Practicum
  • Teaching the Acts Course

Module 3   (12 hours)

  • C-BTE Paradigm Transformation Project
  • Global Partnerships
  • Teaching the Pauline Epistles Course

Certified Leader Fee: $300 (includes training, assessment, and materials)

Order your Antioch School certification training kit via the BILD Store. Your purchase of the kit will cover the Certified Leader fee, and provide you with the resources required for Antioch School Certification training.

When you place your order, you may pay by credit card or be invoiced.

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