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Ongoing Training of Certified Leaders

Certified Leaders must demonstrate competency in an additional Leadership Series workshop and Mini-Paradigm Transformation Project seminar each year. Ongoing training opportunities are primarily offered online through e-Training. Opportunities will also be available during the BILD International Conference in the first week of November each year and may be offered at other times and locations as well.

Ongoing e-Training for Certified Leaders

1.    Essentials of Sound Doctrine

2.    Church-Based Theology (PTP-2)

3.    Leaders and the Early Church

4.    Church-Based Missions (PTP-3)

5.    Interpreting the Word I

6.    Church-Based Hermeneutics (PTP-4)

7.    Theology in Culture

8.    Church-Based Christian Education (PTP-5)

9.    The Law

10.  Theology in Civilization

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