Enrollment Agreement & Refund Policy

Enrollment Agreement

Upon admission, students are expected to complete and sign an enrollment agreement. Students may proceed with their programs during the enrollment agreement process.

Sample Enrollment Agreement

Refund Policy

Tuition. Refunds will be granted upon request in any manner as follows:

Tuition for degree programs is tied to enrollment in twelve 4-month periods (six periods for Certificate programs).

  • Tuition paid in advance of the current 4-month period will be fully refunded upon request.
  • Tuition for the current 4-month period will be refunded on a pro-rated basis according to the date of withdrawal. See table below.

Example: $600 is the portion of the $7200 tuition for this enrollment period. Should you unenroll and request a tuition refund during this enrollment period, your refund of the $600 due would be as follows:

Enrollment Period Weeks % of Refund Refund $ Amount
1st week 100% $600
2nd week 80% $480
3rd week 70% $420
4th week 60% $360
5th week 50% $300
6th week 40% $240
7th week 30% $180
8th week 20% $120
9th week 10% $60
10th week 0% $0


  • Refunds will be based on actual payments made for the enrollment period.
  • Requests for refunds made within 7 days of enrollment will be refunded in their entirety.
  • Students are not required to return any materials in order to receive a tuition refund to which they are entitled.
  • Special consideration will be given to a student’s request for refund beyond this policy in a case of student illness or accident, death in family, or other circumstances beyond the student’s control.
  • Any money due will be refunded within 30 days of the request. 

Portfolio System. This fee is not refundable once SIMA MAP worksheets have been submitted for the MAP.

Course Materials. Return policies for materials purchased through the BILD Store can be found at https://store.bild.org.