We provide "ministry" and "theology" degree programs by distance education to students rooted in local churches and other ministry organizations.

  • The B.Min., M.Min., and D.Min. GC-BTE degrees are "ministry" programs that help existing and emerging leaders be trained and recognized as part of a ministry leadership team that is one-minded in ministry vision and philosophy according to the Way of Christ and His Apostles.

  • The B.Th., M.Th., and D.Min. TIC degrees are “theology” programs that help students understand thoroughly the unfolding message of Scripture itself as a guidebook for life and ministry, paying special attention to the implications of that message in one’s personal life, ministry, and culture.

Goals or general objectives of all Antioch School programs:

  • Comprehensive development in character, skills, and knowledge for effective ministry.
  • Life development and lifelong learning orientation.
  • Recognition of and participation in the centrality of the local church in the plan of God.
  • Ability to master biblical content, to benefit from significant contributions of scholars, and to build strategic models of ministry accordingly.