Doctor of Ministry in Global Church-Based Theological Education

The Doctor of Ministry in Global Church-Based Theological Education (D.Min. GC-BTE) is granted for demonstration of competencies associated with understanding the philosophical foundations and making a substantial contribution to the implementation of church-based theological education.

Specific program objectives of the D.Min. GC-BTE include:

  • Identify and address paradigm-level issues in theological education, doing theology, hermeneutics, missions, and Christian education.
  • Build biblical philosophy in each of these areas.
  • Construct and evaluate strategic models and tools that integrate biblical philosophy with contemporary ministry situations.

The D.Min.GC-BTE degree program is offered by distance education to existing and emerging leaders rooted in local churches, church networks, and other ministry organizations in order to help them be trained and recognized as part of a ministry leadership team that is one-minded in ministry vision and philosophy according to the Way of Christ and His Apostles.

Doctor of Ministry GC-BTE Overview

Doctor of Ministry GC-BTE Transcript