Admissions Information

Students desiring to earn degrees, certificates, or individual credit from the Antioch School must complete an "Application for Admission" in order to provide us with enough information to make a decision regarding admission. Upon admission, students are expected to complete an Enrollment Agreement.

You can start your online application at any time. The application process is simple:

  1. Start your application
  2. Obtain a commendation from your BILD Local Mentor
  3. Request your official transcripts
  4. Make your first payment

Once all application items are received, you can expect to hear back on an admissions decision within 2 weeks.

Obtaining a commendation: The most significant general requirement for bachelors and masters level programs is the commendation by a BILD local mentor. Students are also asked to identify the name of local mentor(s) who will provide personal development assessment during the program.

How to request your transcripts: Contact the registrar or academic records office of your previous institution. They may e-mail the transcripts (directly or via 3rd party such as Parchment) to or mail official paper transcripts to:

Antioch School
Attn: Admissions
2400 Oakwood Rd
Ames, IA 50014

Making your first payment: This first payment can be made by check or credit card (and is refundable in the unusual circumstance that you are not admitted). If you would like to make this payment by credit card, you may call us at 515.292.9694. If mailing a check, please make it payable to: Antioch School and mail it to the address listed above. Student name should be included on the memo line.

A first payment of at least $350 should be submitted with a students application to a degree program or $300 for a certificate program. Initial payments are entirely refundable if a student is not admitted.

What to expect after you're admitted:

  • Each student is given a BILD Cloud account upon admission. BILD Cloud is the portfolio system through which students post evidence of competency for their programs and engage in regular interaction with mentors and faculty for portfolio assessment.
  • Newly admitted students will receive a welcome packet which will include their acceptance letter, student financial information, and a guide to starting the SIMA MAP process.

Students may pursue their Antioch School programs in various manners:

  • BILD Partner Option
    Students may pursue their Antioch School programs in conjunction with full church-based theological education programs being offered by BILD Partner churches, church networks, and ministry organizations.

  • Individual Enrollment Option
    Students may pursue their Antioch School programs as individuals as long as their churches, church networks, and/or ministry organizations commit to provide a basic level of mentoring (that doesn’t include initial reviews in BILD Cloud). Students may be served individually or grouped into online cohorts in order to be served directly by BILD staff and Antioch School faculty.