Bachelor of Ministry

The Bachelor of Ministry (B.Min.) is granted for demonstration of basic competencies associated with doing ministry according to the Way of Christ and His Apostles.

Specific program objectives of the B.Min.:

  • Master Scripture relevant to church and leadership development, particularly through study of the biblical theology of Acts and the Pauline Epistles.
  • Reflect on contributions of leading scholars regarding church and leadership development.
  • Address pertinent issues related to church and leadership development and analyze Scripture and other contributions related to those issues.
  • Formulate conclusions and personal applications regarding those issues.
  • Develop a foundational understanding through an integrated core of interdisciplinary studies.

The B.Min. degree program is offered by distance education to existing and emerging leaders rooted in local churches, church networks, and other ministry organizations in order to help them be trained and recognized as part of a ministry leadership team that is one-minded in ministry vision and philosophy according to the Way of Christ and His Apostles.

Bachelor of Ministry Overview

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