Antioch School tuition is determined on a program basis, not according to semesters, courses, or credit hours (unless you enroll for credit for an individual course).

Tuition for Antioch School programs are:

  • $7,200 for degree programs (B.Min. B.Th., M.Min., M.Th., D.Min.GCBTE, and D.Min.TIC)
  • $3,000 for certificate programs (C.Min., C.Th.)
  • $3,600 for a Certificate of Ministry with Additional Ministry Practicum program (C.Min. with Additional Ministry Practicum)
  • $150/credit for individual course enrollment

Tuition is charged on a pro-rated basis of $600 due at the start of each 4-month term (based upon date of admission), but students may establish a monthly payment schedule with 0% APR financing on the remaining amount. Tuition for credit for individual courses is to be paid in full in advance. A discount of $2,400 on tuition for degrees is applied to students who are part of international BILD Partnerships and City Initiative Partnerships.

Tuition payments entitle students to a commensurate level of participation in the BILD Cloud competency-based portfolio assessment system. For instance, tuition of $600 is 1/12 of the program tuition, so it entitles a student to earn 1/12 of the credit in the program (e.g. 10 credits of the B.Min.).

If a student’s program tuition is paid-in-full, but a student has not graduated, the tuition is capped so the student may take up to 8 years to finish without paying any additional tuition or continuation fees.