BILD Partners & Local Mentors

A BILD Partner is a church, church network, or ministry organization that has at least one recognized local mentor for the purpose of using the BILD resources for church-based theological education.

A BILD local mentor is someone recognized by a church, church network, or ministry organization as having responsibility for leadership development of their existing and emerging leaders. They have been trained and/or assessed on their basic understanding of BILD, BILD resources, and CBTE skills (see Initial Training list below). A local mentor commends students to Antioch School programs (no one is admitted without commendation) and supports church-based mentoring (such as use of BILD Life and Ministry Development tools and providing feedback on work in BILD Cloud).

Contact us if you want to learn more about what it means to use BILD resources in your church, church network, or ministry organization

In order to be recognized as a BILD local mentor, one must participate in and/or be assessed in relation to the following:

  • BILD history and distinctives (philosophy, resources, network)
  • BILD network (North American, Urban Initiative, CityChurch Initiative, Global Partners)
  • BILD resources: First Principles, Leadership Series courses, Paradigm Papers and Encyclicals, MAP, Life(n).
  • BILD programs: BILD Institute, Antioch School.
  • CBTE skills: Doing portfolio assessment (in BILD Cloud), Leading Socratic discussion, Designing practicum, Developing Ministry Philosophy and Strategy, Mentoring, Reading/Writing.

Training of BILD Local Mentors is offered online on a regular basis. See our Web Conferencing Center for upcoming training sessions.