Antioch School

Develop the Next Generation of Leaders in Your Church

Train your current and future ministry leaders using church-based training that is fully integrated into the life and ministry of your church

The Antioch School is an accredited and integrated tool designed to help church leaders train current and future ministry leaders. 

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Take Charge of Your Leadership Training

Antioch School training is based in the life of your church, not training just “housed” in your church building. All the programs are designed or used in churches, by churches and for churches. The leaders of your church, church network, or church planting network are mentors for students in the programs.

The certificate and degree programs and resources of the Antioch School empower church leaders to take charge of their leadership development, fully integrating it into the life and ministry of their church.

The Antioch School is powered by the ministry training resources and tools of BILD International. To learn more about BILD and its resources, please visit the BILD website.

Take Charge of Your Leadership Training

Assess What's Really Being Learned

Rather than focusing on an accumulation of course credits based on a “body of knowledge,” Antioch School degree programs focus on comprehensive life and ministry development for each student, assessed by rigorous outcomes assessment.

  • Ministry Skills
  • Character Development
  • Life in Community
  • Biblical Understanding

Assess What's Really Being Learned