Certificate of Theology

The Certificate of Theology (C.Th.) is granted for demonstration of an initial set of competencies associated with doing biblical theology and theology in culture.

Specific program objectives of the C.Th.:

  • Master Scripture using a biblical theology approach at an initial level, which allows the teaching of the Bible to unfold naturally according to author’s intention and literary design with special attention to genre and overarching themes of each Bible book.
  • Reflect on contributions of leading scholars regarding biblical theology and theology in culture.
  • Address basic issues related to biblical theology and theology in culture and analyze Scripture and other contributions related to those issues.
  • Formulate conclusions and personal applications regarding those basic issues.

The C.Th. is offered by distance education to students rooted in local churches, church networks, and other ministry organizations in order to help them understand thoroughly the unfolding message of Scripture itself as a guidebook for life and ministry, paying special attention to the implications of that message in one's personal life, ministry, and culture.

The Certificate of Theology is offered at the undergraduate and graduate assessment levels. Credit earned in Certificate programs may be applied in its entirely to degree programs, as long as the credit matches the requirements of the degree programs.